Red and Chrome Anodized 3 Piece BMX Bar Pad Set Fits Aluminum Frame Bicycles

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Red and Chrome Old School BMX Pad Set

One of our all-time favorites!  The Classic Anodized checkers series are metallic silver - chrome checkers with red.  Screened by hand from films found in the Flite archives.   Aluminum frame fit.   Made in the USA by Flite. 

Aluminum Frame fit - Frame fits 1.3" to 1.5" top tube diameter. This is the size to fit most SE Racing Retro BMX bikes.

Comes with:

  • 9" Handlebar Pad - should fit most BMX bikes of any age at 3/4" diameter tubes.
  • 12" Frame Pad - fits 1" diameter frame tube which is common on chromoly frame bikes.
  • 15" Long stem pad - fits longer stems commonly made 1990's to today including most SE Racing retro BMX bikes

See Sizing Guide before ordering

Please check our Checkers Collection for additional colors and sizes.

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