Build Your Own Pad Set

Not all bikes are the same and we get it. When your custom ride needs non-standard sizes or you just want to mix things up a bit, we got ya.

Design your own custom printed bar pads or padsets here with our online designer.

Individual BMX Pads

We offer a variety of blank pad sets sold individually so you can mix and match sizes, quad-angle pads, double top tube BMX pads, or different sizes of stem pads and frame pads.

These items are sold individually so you can buy just one, three of the same thing or put together your own custom set.  

Consider blank pads if you are artistically inclined and want to make your own custom set.  Many folks create their own heat transfer to apply to our blank pads.  If you are considering using heat transfer, we recommend the textured nylon sets.

Custom Printed Pad Sets and Bar Pads

We do lots of custom pad sets for bike brands, bike shops, teams and entrepreneurs and individuals.  Our custom sets typically include setups, printing, sewing, assembly, packaging and USA ground shipping.  Design your own padset online by uploading your own logo or using one of our online designer. 

At the moment, we are accepting orders for 20 sets or more. 

Custom Sizes

Yes, we do make custom size bar pads when you order 20+ sets. 

Other Uses for Bar Pads

Folks are discovering that bar pads are great off the bike too!  Use them to

  • Cushion your roof rack
  • Style up your scooter or snow-bike
  • Personalize your dirt bike
  • Pad your dolly or cart
  • Soundproof noisy pipes or
  • Provide the tall guy a little safety from a low hanging pipe
  • What else can you think of?

Do you make bar pads for dirt bikes or motorcycles?

Yes, we make bar pads for many motorcycle brands, snow-mobiles, wave runners, motorcycle parts companies, dealerships and more!  Have a project in mind? Just ask! We'll be happy to help.

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