Radical Rick Collection

MX MUG Box Set Available 7/28/22 6:00 pm PDT

From the creative hands of legendary BMX artist Damian Fulton, we are excited to present the first of 3 Flite Radical Rick Box sets.  Each signed and numbered limited edition set includes 

  • Hand signed, numbered MX Mug pad set ( 3 pieces)
  • Handsigned, numbered and detailed MX Mug Numberplate
  • Official Radical Rick Coin
  • Button set
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Collectible character box 

Each number plates is unique as Damian has added his own little touches of art to create the "made in the garage" look!

Only 50 box sets per character are available so we are limiting these to 1 per customer

Link will be active at release time

How to get your box set
1) Be online. Available online only. 
2) Create an account in advance to speed up your checkout time.
3) Signed items are Limited to ONE PER CUSTOMER.  If we find ANY duplicate information in your box set order then duplicate orders will be canceled.
4) Billing address MUST match shipping address or purchase via Paypal with a verified address. 

We are not able to take phone or other direct orders.

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