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Radical Rick Comic Box Set Signed & Numbered

Live December 16, 2022 3:00 pm PST

Radical Rick Comic Box Set

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The 3rd and final Radical Rick Box Set is loaded and in the gate.  For the main event, artist Damian Fulton went all in with actual comic strip artwork for this limited edition pad set. Radical Rick adventures printed clean & crisp on a Flite USA pad set.

You also get a custom, hand-formed Radical Rick number plate in the set.
Original Radical Rick comic art with Wacky Packages (Google it) inspired BMX logo treatments and the single-digit status that Rick maintains to this day. Number one at the track, in the streets or just pedaling through your neighborhood. Second place is the first loser! 

Each limited edition Radical Rick Print box set includes what Radical Rick would put on his bike and more:
  • Radical Rick Pad set--Hand signed and numbered 
  • Radical Rick number plate--Hand signed and numbered 
  • Certificate of Authenticity--Hand signed and numbered 
  • Radical Rick button set
  • Radical Rick grip donuts
  • Collector Coin
  • Custom Radical Rick box
Only 50 box sets per character are available so we are limiting these to 1 per customer.  

Unsigned Plates and pad sets are also available individually. 

Skuzzer Switchblade

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Skuzzer Switchblade villain Radical Rick BMX Collection
MX Mug
Set 1 of 3 



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