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Jump! Red 3 Piece Nylon Pad Set - Aluminum Frame Fit

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Remember the excitement you felt every time Van Halen's Jump! played on the airwaves?  Brings back memories of 1984!  We've captured the moment with the Jump! BMX padset.  Rockin' bright red and the killer black and white lines of Eddie Van Halen's famous guitar, you're gonna love Jumping your bike in your favorite urban playground. 

The second edition features the older, 80's Flite logo.

Sized to fit your newer bikes, this padset fits aluminum frames like those on many SE Racing models.  Fits standard BMX handlebars and comes with a LONG stempad to accommodate the longer stems most common after the early 90's.  Check out the sizing guide to measure your bike and get the right fit. 

Also available in a chromoly frame fit for the bike you rode back in 1984! Click here for Chromoly frame version.

Made in the USA