Chrome V-Bar Pad Set by Flite

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Size Chart

Flite Bar Pad Sizes


***Always measure your bike before ordering***

How to Measure  
HandleBar Pad Sizes    
All Flite Bar Pads fit standard 3/4" diameter cross bars.
Standard 9" Wide The classic BMX Bar pad width
Cruiser 10 3/4" Wide Extra width for wide bars such as SE Big Honkin' Bars
Frame (Top Tube) Pad Sizes  
Standard Flite pads are 12" long unless otherwise noted in the listing  
Top Tube Diameter Top Tube Circumference Outer  
1" 3.14" Classic chromoly fit found on most early 80's bikes
1.25"  3.93" Larger tube chromoly
1.3" 4.09" SE Racing bikes with Floval Tubing:  1.5" is best fit
1.5"  4.71" Aluminum alloy bike frames
*White foam is only available in 1" and 1.25" diameters
Stem Pad Lengths  Standard Flite Sizes  
12 3/4"  Including tails Fits most old school, compact and mid-size stems
15"  Including tails Long for some modern stems 
Reproduction or branded pads may be different sizes to match original specs or specific bike parts. 

Chrome B-bar pad set designed to fit most of your old school v-bar handlebars.

This set is solid chrome, blank with no logo for a clean look. 

This set was made with old school bikes in mind.  Will not fit the newer Redline 26" Squarebacks.  

Frame pad is 12" long with 1" interior diameter to fit most chromoly frame BMX bikes.

V-bar pad measures from the tops of the V. 

Stem pad is designed to fit compact, old school stems like your Profile quill stem or Pro-Neck stem for example.

Made in the USA by Flite.

Chrome V-Bar Pad Set by Flite
Chrome V-Bar Pad Set by Flite