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Rad bar pads, BMX and MX accessories since 1978.

Restored from Original Bob Morales Artwork
DYNO UL BMX Numberplates
The Flite Dyno UL number plate is a true-to-form recreation of the original Dyno UL (Ultra Light) plate from the mid-1980s, when freestyle riders still ran number plates and everything was cool! The original Bob Morales Dyno artwork was used to replicate the exact look and feel.
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Finally, DYNO plates and pads to complete your Dyno build
The 80's come alive with the Flite Dyno UL pads. Recreated from the original Dyno artwork, these are meticulously crafted to the exact specs of the originals, with all the quality you've come to expect from Flite USA. Printed on our textured nylon covers for crisp lines and colors that pop. The perfect fit for your vintage or new Dyno or GT bike.
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