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Radical Rick and MX Mug

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Rad bar pads, BMX and MX accessories since 1978.

Restored from Original Films
GT '93-'94 Team Padset
The 90's called, and they are super stoked about the 1993-1994 Electric Yellow GT Team pad set. Recreated from the original art files, these pads are true-to-form in every way. Pure mid school GT satisfaction, Lumberjack approved. Made in Bend, Oregon by Flite BMX.
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Bob Gnarly
Rasta Flag Padset
Ya mon! Go island style with the Flite Bob Gnarly pad set. Good vibes resonate from the red, yellow & green. The Flite 80's logo provides the stamp of authenticity. Printed and hand rolled in the USA by Flite BMX.
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American Pride

Still Made in the USA