Can You Make Custom Bar Pads or Pad Sets?

Yes!  We make custom bar pads and private label bike accessories for many of your favorite bike brands. 


What kinds of pads can you make? 

Nylon and velcro pads are the most popular, followed by old school, deep groove vinyl snap pads (70's - early 80's) and Neoprene pads. We also make motocross style pads, the glossy vinyl popular on mid-school bikes.  If you can imagine it, we can probably make it.

How are BMX padsets made?

We make everything right here in Orange County, California.  Depending on your design, we can screen print your custom pad design or use a sublimation process, similar to how cycling jerseys.  We have lots of materials and techniques to choose from to achieve the look you desire.

Can you make me a custom padset?

Yes, if  you are looking for at least 20 - 30 sets. 

Can you make me a reproduction padset?

Ask us!  We are frequently able to get in touch with the brand owner and make reproduduction padsets or decals. 

We are experts at tracking down old school materials and recreating sets that look and feel like the original padsets.  We are the original factory;  we still use the same processes, materials and tools! 

Please understand if we have to say "No" sometimes.  It is out of respect for the brand.

What is the minimum order? 

Typically, orders run from 50 sets on up.  It depends on the complexity of the project.

Can you make just one padset?

Sorry, we are set up for a production environment.  We'd be happy to get in touch with the brand though and see if they are open to a larger run.

Do you make other custom BMX and Bike accessories? 

Yes! We also make custom grip donuts, BMX seat covers, numberplates, even brake lever covers and just about any other product that can be printed or sewn. 

Can you make custom BMX T-shirts, Gear and Jackets? 

Yep!  We print BMX T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, wind breakers, performance sports wear and accessories like bags.  We print most fabric products with the exception of sublimated jerseys.  

For more information on custom BMX pads, custom donuts and sports apparel, please contact us to discuss your project.