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Can You Make Custom Bar Pads or Pad Sets?

Yes!  We make custom bar pads and private label bike accessories for many of your favorite bike brands. 

What is the minimum order? 

We would love to make your pads if you need about 50 or more. Sorry, our processes are geared toward making many pad sets. 

What kinds of pads can you make? 

Nylon and velcro pads are the most popular, followed by old school, deep groove vinyl snap pads (70's - early 80's) and Neoprene pads. 

Do you make other custom BMX and Bike accessories? 

Yes! We also make custom grip donuts, BMX seat covers, numberplates, even brake lever covers and just about any other product that can be printed or sewn. 

Can you make custom BMX T-shirts, Gear and Jackets? 

Yep!  We print BMX T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, wind breakers, performance sports wear and accessories like bags.  We print most fabric products with the exception of sublimated jerseys.  

For more information on custom BMX pads, custom donuts and sports apparel, please check our BMX manufacturing website