1987/88 Robinson Pro Team Restoration Project

I've been wanting to clean up my old BMX bike for a long time now.  Its been sitting in my parents basement waiting to be brought out. I was surprised when I finally got it out.

 Its not in bad shape, its been through a lot, so I'm surprised that its looking like it only needs a few things.

My Dad "borrowed" it and modified the rear end a little to put some training wheels on it for my nephew. So there's a hole on both sides that he made for mounting something there. One of the holes goes right through the serial number...

But for the most part, its just the way I left it.  Ridden hard, but it has survived.


After visiting the swap-meet held by Gary Turner's factory, I was motivated to get to work on it.

Second time we went to the swap meet, I got to know a little more of what was there and who was who.  Met some really cool people that have a great deal of knowledge of old school BMX.  When I wheeled in my bike, everyone was checking it out and trying to identify the year, parts, and listened to my story about my childhood BMX days on the bike.

I knew I wanted a seat, and since I had talked to someone at the swap-meet the last time that seemed cool, I went ahead and picked up a replacement seat from him. A Dyno seat replaced the soft foam seat my Dad put on it for my nephew.


The grips were chewed up and melted onto the bars.  So I also got the same style grips to replace mine from the same guy.  Was it a deal?  I don't know, but sometimes its more about liking someone that is helping you choose the right things for your bike than the deal.

I sliced off the grips, removed the bars from the neck, and got to work on cleaning up the melted stuff on the bars.  Most of the melted stuff came off with a little scrapping, but a little soaking in Simple Green and a paper towel got the rest off.