TORONTO, CANADA/ June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Graffiti artist and BMX designer Durothethird is collaborating with Flite BMX to release an exclusive pad set called 'Viva BMX', celebrating the vibrant Southern California lifestyle and the rich Latino influence on the bike culture in the region. The highly anticipated pad set will be available June 21, 2024, on both flitebmx.com and durothethird.com.

Flite BMX, renowned for its iconic and innovative BMX products, has been a staple in the BMX community since the early '80s. With a legacy of quality and style, Flite BMX has consistently pushed the boundaries of BMX design, making it a favorite among riders worldwide. Durothethird, a fixture in the graffiti and BMX scene, is known for his bold, colorful, and culturally-resonant designs that capture the essence of street art and Latino heritage.

The 'Viva BMX' pad set marks the first collaboration between these two dynamic forces, blending Durothethird's artistic flair with Flite BMX's history making BMX focused products. This unique collection is more than just a product; it is a celebration of the diverse and lively culture of Southern California, where BMX riding is not just a sport but a way of life.

Duro says “It’s an honor to be working with Flite BMX, the OGs who have been making epic BMX accessories for the past 40 years. Thanks to Erin I was given the opportunity to combine my passion for BMX with art and design. It’s all about pushing boundaries and having fun – just like BMX should be. ¡Viva BMX!”

“We are thrilled to be on this creative journey with Durothethird.  BMX is all about the riders and this project has been focused on letting the riders express themselves and incorporating the good vibes culture they’ve created around BMX.” shared Erin Ludden, Owner of Flite BMX.

The 'Viva BMX' pad set will feature Durothethird's signature graffiti style, with bold colors and intricate designs that pay homage to the Latino roots and street culture of SoCal. This collection promises to be a must-have for BMX enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

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About Flite BMX: Flite BMX has been at the forefront of the BMX industry since its inception, providing riders with top-quality products that combine durability and style. With a deep-rooted history in the BMX community, Flite continues to innovate and inspire the next generation of BMX riders.

About Durothethird: Durothethird is a graffiti artist and BMX designer known for his vibrant and culturally infused street art and BMX collection. His unique style reflects his passion for urban culture and his Latino heritage, making him a prominent figure in the art and BMX worlds.