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Bar Pad Sizing Guide - What size pads fit my BMX bike?

Looking for the right size pads for your BMX bike? Totally sucks when your pads are spinning on the bar or won't quite go around the tube.  We make...

Where Can You Get Reproduction BMX Pad Sets?

Where Can You Get Reproduction BMX Pad Sets?

Ever wondered where to find a repop BMX pad set?  Or if you can make a custom pad set?  Here at Flite we've been making them since 1979.  We source authentic materials and we're still using the same techniques that give you an authentic look and feel in your custom BMX pad set.

Can You Make Custom Bar Pads or Pad Sets?

Yes!  We make custom bar pads and private label bike accessories for many of your favorite bike brands.  What is the minimum order?  We would love ...