Size Guide for Pads

Get a great fit for your BMX pads

Top Tube Pad (Frame Pad)

  1. To measure the diameter of your tube, wrap a tape measure around the tube to get the Circumference. 
  2. Divide that by 3.14 to get your top tube diameter.
  3. Follow the chart to get an accurate fit.

Cross Bar pad

To measure the width: 

measuring bmx handlebars

Measure the cross bar underneath the bar.  A pad about 1"-1.5" shorter than the width of the bar will look good.  In the photo above, a 9" bar pad will look great on these bars. 

Common Bar Pad Widths

Bar Pads       
Width Diameter  Fits 
9" 5/8" - 3/4" Classic BMX bar pad width 
10" 5/8" - 3/4" Some mid-school, modern bars
10 3/4" 5/8" - 3/4" Extra - wide bars like SE Big Honkin Bars

 Most BMX cross bars are 3/4" diameter.

Stem Pads

Measure your stem pad with a measuring tape or grab a piece of string or something to measure with.( I had some painters tape handy).  Wrap it around your stem all the way just till the ends touch.  How long is it? .

 Measure your BMX stem

how to measure a for a bmx stem pad In this example, the 11" stem pad would be a minimum fit, 12 3/4 would be a comfortable fit. 
Subtract 1/2 - 2 inches from this length to get the ideal body length and reference the chart. . 
Stem Pads     
Length Body  Tails Fits 
11.25" 8.75 2.5 Old school compact stems like 
12 3/4" 9.5 3.15 Most universal fit
14" 10.5 3.5 Recent model SE bikes stems, some racing model stems
15" 11 4 Racing model stems

Most of our pad sets are sold with a 12 3/4" long stem pad.  Which have 3 1/8" of velcro for adjustability.  Our extra wide (cruiser sets) come with 14" stems to accommodate a larger stem.


What size pads do I need for my BMX Bike?

Sorry guys, we don't keep stats on every bike ever made.  

In general we find: 

Cr-Mo Frames

Knowing the age helps but its not a guarantee. 

Old school Chromoly frames were typically made from 1" tubing. This was most popular until the late 80's when many brands switched to 1.25" tubing. 

Aluminum alloy frames 

These got more popular in the 90's and are still going strong today.  These usually are made with 1 1/2" diameter tubing.   Some designs are made with a larger cover to accommodate the larger tube.  Others are adapted using a different foam liner.