Bar Pad Sizing Guide - What size pads fit my BMX bike?

Looking for the right size pads for your BMX bike? Totally sucks when your pads are spinning on the bar or won't quite go around the tube.  We make several size options that hopefully will fit your bike just right. 

Cross Bar pad:  These are pretty much universal .  Our Cross Bar pads should fit most any BMX bike of any age at 3/4" diameter tubes.  If its just a little tight, use a sharp knife to remove a thin slice of foam off the inside slit.  

Top Tube Pad (Frame Pad)Chromoly vs Aluminum (jumbo) frame BMX frame pad.

To measure the diameter of your tube, wrap a tape measure around the tube to get the Circumference.  Divide that by 3.14 to get your top tube diameter.

Fortunately, most bikes were made of either Chromoly aka Cr Mo or Aluminum.  Knowing the age helps but its not a guarantee. 

Chromoly frames are typically made from 1" tubing. This was most popular in the 80's but, you can still buy a new bike today with 1' Chromoly tubing on the frame.   Our Chromoly Frame Fit pads fit 1" diameter frame tubing. 

Aluminum frames got more popular in the 90's and are still going strong today.  These usually are made with 1 1/2" diameter tubing  Our Aluminum Frame Fit pads fit 1 1/2" diameter frame tubing.   Often referred to as a JUMBO pad.

What if my bike is in between? Good question.  There are a few brands out there made with other size tubes.  We do sell a foam insert that fits 1 1/4" diameter tubes.  This fits inside the Chromoly tube pad cover. To order this size, choose the Chromoly Frame fit and send us an email or note requesting the larger size. 

Stem Pads

Short, old school BMX stem pad vs Long BMX stem pad

Most of our pad sets are sold with a 15" long stem pad.  These fit most stems made from the 90's forward.  Long velcro tabs make it easy to adjust your fit.Modern BMX Stem   

If you 're sporting a real 1980's Tough Neck or Pro Neck stem, you probably need a shorter stem pad. We make one at 11"  just for these genuine, old school stems.

Old school BMX Pro Neck Stem

Not sure? 

Grab a piece of string or something to measure with.( I had some painters tape handy).  Wrap it around your stem all the way just till the ends touch.  How long is it? .

 Measure your BMX stem

If it's shorter than 10" a short stem pad.  Either look for a set that offers the short stem pad or we offer them separately in some styles/colors.

Short stem pad tape measurement

If its longer than 10 inches, the long stem pad which comes standard on most sets will fit.